Our experience in the area of manufacturing dates back forty years. During this time we have devoted our efforts to the racquet sports industry world wide. We have drawn on our 40 years of experience, expertise, extensive research and development, and our customer input to FORTEN superior lines.


We dont just give lip service to quality, WE BACK IT UP. If you purchase our products and that the quality expect is not present, we will refund your money for returned, unused merchandise. This guarantees that you will be absolutely satisfied with any purchase of FORTEN products.


We are structured in such a way that all of our employees have a vested interest in your satisfaction. Our customer service and courtesy is second to none. We listen to our customers and respect and trust what we hear. We are an adaptive organization that is totally committed to the racquet sports industry.


We have demonstrated a high degree of innovation and will continue to do so. Our series of Gear Strings. Thin Blend, Aramid Composite, Hybrid string, Multi-Tack Grip, and The Worm are a few examples of products that we have introduced innovation to the racquet sports industry. We are committed to sustaining our superior performance in the area over the long haul.

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