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The Grip roll represents a 150-foot continuous roll of finished grip material. The roll can then be tapered and cut to any desired length. It is sufficient to apply finished grips to about 45 tennis racquets, 46 baseball bats, 62 racquetball racquets, or 65 badminton racquets.
Each roll is 150 feet in length and 1"in width. The backing material has an adhesive finish for ease in application of a grip. Each roll has our patented embossed edges which make application easier and prevent curling of the edges.
Cushion Grip


The Cushion grip is made of our proprietary compound on a shock absorbent cushioned micro-fiber felt. This Grip employs a perforation technique that ventilates the grip and increases the friction of the surface. This technique results in absorption and accelerates dehydration during and after usage.




Sport Grain Grip


The Sport Grain grip roll is made from the highest grade of polyurethane synthetic leather. It is highly shock absorbent and cushioned for comfort. The backing material is premium grade non-woven cloth which insures a tight secure fit. The most outstanding feature is an extra tacky surface that is finished with the Sport Grain texture (this is the same texture on footballs and basketballs). This texture insures ultra enhanced grip ability and sharply reduces torque.



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