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The FORTEN line of racquetball strings covers the gamut of desirable characteristics. FORTEN takes extreme pleasure in announcing the most formidable and complete line of racquetball strings available anywhere. They are top of the line strings without a top of the line price. Features are strings that will satisfy the needs of every player. A myriad of options are represented that range from controlled power to application of guile and finesse.


Gauge: Core:17G/1.20mm Teeth:15G/1.40mm

This string is constructed like no other. It has a 17 gauge exposed core with a 15L overall external gauge defined by the gear teeth. The unique texture that results takes the edge off from the opponents power game. The gear teeth impart spin power to the ball thus adding a totally new dimension.



Pros Choice


Gauge: Main:18G/1.10mm Cross:17G/1.20mm

PROS CHOICE is a durable, powerful, yet playable combination. The main string is our new innovative FORTEN Aramid Composite 18G. The cross string is our BOSS 17G. These two team up to provide durability, enhanced power, terrific control and astonishing playability. This string truly represents the dawning of a new age in racquetball.




The Boss 16


Gauge: 16G/1.30mm

This 16 gauge solid core synthetic gut provides quality playability. It is a powerful string for hard hitters who want exacting control. Don抰 let your opponent dictate the game, be the Boss




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